A more accurate title for these wines would be 'low intervention'. Natural winemakers aim to add nothing and take away nothing from the wine. What does this mean in practice? All natural wines are organic (often biodynamic also) by their very nature. In  the vineyards no chemicals are used and harvest is done by hand. In the winery the yeasts used are those that came in with the grapes naturally...wild yeasts. Intervention during the fermentation process is kept as minimal as possible and nothing is filtered or fined. It sounds like the winemakers do very little when creating these wines, but the truth is it is very difficult to make wine this way and, due to lack of sulphites and chemicals, everything must be kept spotlessly clean to avoid spoilage. The wine maker must have excellent instincts to create a wine that is stable. It's a tough but commendable way of making some of the most terroir focused and interesting wines you will ever try. 
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