About us

Who doesn’t love wine? We know we do. In every shape and form. 

From the stomping of the fruit to that first satisfying sip, the wine journey is a kick. Join us on an adventure through uncharted territories, discover exciting winemakers and varieties, and explore new and unique flavours. And of course, don’t forget to share the joy— and the wine — with your pals! 

A simple mission

Our goal for Wine Fiend? Easy: we want to shout about extraordinary wine and the passion, dedication and love for land and nature at the heart of it. We celebrate and support the ambitious winemakers who dare to offer something unique, and share the inspiring stories behind these special wines. Cheers to the creative craftspeople going against the grain, veering away from the industry giants and playing by their own rules.

Our beginnings

A wine professional with entrepreneurial spirit, our founder Dean Euden has been in the trade for longer than he can remember — which he blames on the wine, of course.

Working with the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, Dean travelled far and wide studying, sampling and spreading the word of good wine. He was fascinated by the small, sustainable producers doing something different to the big industry brands. Something exciting, wholesome and unique.

After endless nights mulling it over, the lightbulb moment came: a wine business with a focus on people and the environment - without compromising quality or taste. A business that promotes and supports those incredible winemakers while advocating for more natural and sustainable production methods. And so the idea became reality in the wild ride that is 2020: Wine Fiend was born.

Our Wine Fiend social media legend

Wine Fiend social media looks good because of Joanne Euden. As well as being Mrs Wine Fiend, Jo is a full time Trial Manager/Scientist. When she isn't helping save the world she makes our instagram grid pop! She is often the person that replies to enquiries first and it's a minor miracle she manages to make our social media account on brand, on point and constantly relevant when she has a million other things to do. Wine Fiend simply wouldn't look as good as it does without her TLC and dedication to brand and image. 

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