Pithos Bianco COS Giusto Occhipinti

Pithos Bianco COS Giusto Occhipinti

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Producer: COS

Country/Region: Italy/Sicily

Grapes: 100% Grecanico

Vintage: 2018

Style: Orange/Dry

ABV: 11.5%

Production: Biodynamic

Nutshell: Full, Grippy, Complex

Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly: Vegan

About COS  

COS is the initials of the three school friends that founded this well known natural winery back in the 80s. Giambattista Cilia, Giusto Occhipinti and Pinuccia Strano first started out on the well-trodden path of most other winemakers in the region at the time, new barriques and trying to emulate a style for the masses. It didn’t take the three of them long to realise by doing this they were cloaking the elements of their vineyards that made them unique. Fast forward to today and COS is a beacon for low intervention, natural wine lovers. Now they older barrels that don’t impart flavour but allow the wines to mature and breath. They are also famous for the 400 litre clay amphorae sunk into the ground where they allow many of their wines to ferment. There is something magical and special about COS wines, they truly represent the soil, land and climate of where the grapes are grown. 

Tasting Notes

Pithos Bianco is a cuvée where the white Grecanico grapes are macerated with the skins. The wine fermented in amphora and manages to be both supple and rounded in the mouth but at the same time grippy, spicy and herbal. This is a beautifully complex food wine.

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